Microgaming Baccarat Review

Awful crime was committed! And we are here to investigate the case and find the criminal. The lead suspect is FAMOUS all over the globe casino card game… Here we will look through all clues, ask all eyewitnesses, check out evidences to prove that it is Microgaming Baccarat stole THOUSANDS of gamblers hearts. Besides, we try to get down to bed-rock what stirs the casino entertainment to become a SHAMELESS robber.

Casino Game Variation

Working with the case papers, we’ve found out that it’s like the gaming mafia. Yep. There are 3 main Baccarat variations that are involved in the plot. Baccarat, High Limit and Gold Series Baccarat – each of them has own tricks to capture your attention. They act jointly and separately, offering exclusive experience to get. So, be careful, just because you will become a game FAN without batting an eyelid.

Punto Banco

The lead suspect is also known as Punto Banco amongst the real players in some countries. This ‘nick’ is because of you only 2 ways to bet playing with 4, 6 or 8 decks:

  • bet on Banco or Bank win
  • stake on Punto or Player win

Whom you suspect to be successful this time? Just make your stake and cross your fingers.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

The activity of this card-gang was noticed in different countries. And in France it’s known as Chemin de Fer. Usually, here they use 6 decks shuffled and the game considered to be multi-player. Here you can meet some specific rules to learn before starting playing for cash.

Baccarat Banque

As a previous variation, Baccarat Banque differs from others by its specific rules. However, there are some issues that are constant for any circumstances. The only contrast is about the banker or more nearly about his position at the table. If you want to capture this baccarat-gang, then learn more about it.

Rules of Baccarat

Microgaming baccarat rules via Macbook Pro
Everything seems to be so simple and evident. Your aim is to predict who will get the higher total score. Herewith, you need to bet on the hand of Banker or Player. But now you have a chance to bet on the Tie as well. Yeah, the criminal becomes trickier every time to attract more attention and steal even more gamblers’ hearts…

Note that various number of decks from 6 up to 8 can be involved in the gaming process. The odds for them are different. Due to the case files the value of cards is:

  • 10s and face cards worth nothing
  • cards that are less than 10 are counted at their face
  • Aces give you 1 point only

When counting the results, the last digit values. Yep. So, if double digit drops take a place, the left one won’t bring you any points though.

Banker and Player Roles

We revealed one more fact about the case, several banders could take part here… Banker and player are implicated in the crime. Yeah, they play important role here. Each of them has own reasons to act in such a way. Whew, everything becomes even complicated that we expected. But we are dead set to get to the heart of the matter.

Herewith, as playing roulette you can choose red or black, here you can bet on Banker or Player. Different payoff is guaranteed for each (it depends on the games variation though). When you make your choice, 2 cards will be dealt for both sides. The winner is decided by counting the points. If banker or player has 8 or 9, the game is over. But sometimes we need more clues… And it’s time for 3-card-rules.

Banker’s Third Card Rules

There are such circumstances when we need to get one more card to find out who will win. And in case Banker becomes the lead suspect, then he draws if his total is:

  • 2 or less and here regardless what the player’s 3rd card is
  • 3 whenever the players 3rd card is 8
  • 4 whenever the players 3rd card is 9, 8, 1 or 0
  • 5 whenever the players 3rd card is 7, 6, 5 or 4
  • 6 whenever the players 3rd card is 7 or 6

And only if its total is 7 then Bank stands.

Player’s Third Card Rules

Also there are reasons for the third card for Player, if his total is 5 or less, for example. In case the witness discard to draw the card, Bank stands on 6 or more and then it will take a 3rd card of value of 5 or less. But if the Player decides to take the 3rd card, then the rules about Banker’s Third Card comes out.

Optimal Baccarat Strategy

microgaming chipsYou should judge by the variation of Baccarat you decided to question… Oops, to try. Every type of the casino game has own tricks. So, learn all evidences before making any decision.

Number of Decks

Considering the fact that the casino game has lots of gang-variants, the rules differ each from another. But some things remains the same. The number of decks used, for example. So, today 6 or 8 decks are shuffled. Anyway, this evidence should be checked before starting, because it influences on the way of case, odds and your chances to win.

Manage your Money

Though we investigate the crime, you can get a good hand of it. And we can’t pass it by. So, playing the card game you can really win money. But ti have flush of cash, you should play wisely and know your limits. Especially if you choose High Limit or Gold Baccarat, when hazard can strike you blind and you can make mistakes. Remember that.

Bet on the Banker (This bet has the lowest house edge.)

Frequently, players suspect Punto to be winning and Banco is off the market. But sometimes the criminal turns to be unexpected one. That’s why, don’t treat lightly the Banker. Moreover, the house edge for this bet is the lowest one, and in such a way your benefit will be bigger.

Don’t Base on Results of Previous Bets

Though now you know enough about the ‘suspect’, don’t forget about such important element as your luck. Nobody knows what card comes. Rules, strategies, intuition, etc. – they can help, but still it’s hazardous game. So that, if you are lucky devil all previous bets, it doesn’t mean that the next stake will be winning as well. And vice versa. Always keep your head on a swivel and rate your chances in each situation separately.

Tips for Playing Baccarat

Have already fallen under the influence of the ‘baccarat-fan-mafia’? Then at least play smart and follow tips like:

  • set limits for sum of money you can lose
  • choose the game variant you like and start with low stakes
  • play smart, know when stop and pick the proper strategy to be in the black
  • take to notice that the game requires skills

This advice will help you to benefit and have a joyful experience only.

Play Microgaming Baccarat via Mobile Devices

That gambling gang can be found at any mobile device as well. Yeah, if you use your Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry gadget and visit any Microgaming casino, you will easily cut out all variations of Baccarat.