Double Exposure Multi-Hand Blackjack by Microgaming

Does the gamblers’ morning start with a cup of coffee? When there is a better thing to stuff, like the comprehensive study of the “21-game”, think of filling up your mind with the invigorating review of Double Exposure Multi-Hand Blackjack to crown your session at Microgaming casinos with a huge win.

Is it your “cup of tea”? Well, here you will find out about the latest updates, sorts, differences, bet ranges, strategies, tips, based on the official stats, players’ notices and experts’ remarks. Ready to wake up?

American Style Blackjack Details

American and European are 2 types of the blackjack. The former is dealt with the extra Hole Card. And while the time doesn’t extend, the options do 😉 Wow, for God’s sake, the banker’s cards are open at the time of the deal. Yep, it favors you, but the houses consider that advantage and increase the percent of the house edge in comparison with other game variations.

The dealer should hit soft 17 in American Double Exposure Blackjack. Moreover, all 10-value playing cards are equal, so you can split unlike ones if the situation requires that, of course.

There are other nuances you should keep in mind, opting for the entertainment. The pick is really good for players who build up the strategies and use different tips according to the special calculations made. The whole books are written on the matter, because a win in this kind of amusement depends on your preparations, knowledge.

Enjoy Blackjack Variety

Decks – How Much?

Besides the whole range of benefits, you will face 8 decks of 52 cards, thus 416 ones. One can choose single- or multi-hand (up to 5 hands) version of the entertainment to stake from 1 up to 500 ($, €, CAD, £). Yep, the bet range is large and suitable for every pocket.

You can be a passionate high roller or average mid gambler to spend a good time in the web houses with the excellent design, sound effects and graphics which make a good impression and create the wonderful atmosphere, right at your home, work whenever you have the Internet access, whatever device (PC, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch) you use for real betting, you are in safe.

Here you can afford yourself the highest bet as the dealer faces up 2 cards what helps you to make the assessment of situation. The next chapters will disclose the information about the basic strategies and differences between the hard and soft card combinations amounting 17.

Hole Card Exposed

There are adventure-seekers who find this peculiarity to be boring. It kills the thrill they say, but again, you know the dealer’s hole card. It is easy now to determine your chances on the win, no more guessing, because it is exposed.

Extra Rules to Check Out

Sometimes, the rules differ from an entertainment to entertainment as well as the terms, conditions for the cashouts in Microgaming casinos too. You need to delve into the game description to outline the necessary data for you. Though everyone knows how to play blackjack, not each is on the know of the game distinctions.

Tie Wins – Who Is In Favor?

While the amusement tie goes to the gambler, the banker obtains the right to every other one. The latter never pushes by the way. So that, it is hard to say that you will be in plus this time, except the occasion when you have “blackjack” 😉

Thorny Wagering

What about Splitting?

The drawback is that you won’t be able to re-split. You may once split and at that the benefit ends up ;( The other kinds have another rules, concerning the point, but other gaps show up.

Hard 17

Of course, it is to your benefit when the dealer stands on hard 17 – 10 7, J 7, 9 8. This “hard” total gives a person the best chances to win the hand, you should not stand on them in any case.

Chances for Win – Are They High?

The cards are shuffled after every hand, which mathematically favors the player, unless he is counting cards. The limits and number of spots the player may play varies from game to game.

House Edge

Allowing for all possibilities, don’t forget about the main – the House Edge. Search for the smaller house edge when looking thru the gambling houses by Microgaming provider.

Though, all of them have the favorable figures for gamblers, you should strive to increase your chances for real money gains by searching out the lowest one. If it is about 0.32%, for each $10 you will lose 3.2 cents. It shows how much it will cost you to bet in the casino blackjack.

Odds and Payouts

Want to have the odds in your favor? The low house edge in Microgaming house + knowing the rules = the real house edge of the blackjack table you stop at. You should carefully examine the place and your skills to win money or rely to us, our experts won’t give bad advice.