European Blackjack by Microgaming

Each online player has a winning plan and it is bound to work out once a good game is chosen. Microgaming and its collection of top card games surprise everyone, even advanced gamblers, cause no other software owns such a big portfolio. European Blackjack is to make you rich, and we are to reveal all the details of the game to help you reach 21 with no effort and harm.

European Style – Know Blackjack Nuances

They say Blackjack types are alike and there are only slight differences in rules. Well, it is true to some degree, though, due to this it gets pretty difficult for new-comers to get the pros and cons of each kind. That is why, we prepared several main points for you to check and analyse before your card game selection is made. With these tips you will feel like a master even without experience.

Hole Card Absence

And the first thing that is not alike the other Blackjack varieties is that it is not a hole card game. Yeah, this time everything is maximally clear and cheating becomes harder. Experience this kind of gameplay and see whether it is more profitable for you and your winning chances.

Dealer Hand – What Should I Know?

Once you launch a game (no matter whether you pick fun or real money mode), you are dealt with two cards. And here is a moment to make the fatal choice, will you ‘hit’ or ‘stand’? Picking the first variant, you ask for another card. The second choice allows you to watch the Dealer’s moves and see who wins.

European Blackjack Main Rules

Rules are created to simplify our life. Some of them you can’t but obey, the others are to skip. Check the general principles of the card game and find the ways to make it work for your favor. Besides, knowledge is your superior weapon against the Dealer, you know what methods and features to use in order to come out rich.

Play European Blackjack by Microgaming Online

Decks – How Much?

This is, perhaps, the essential thing to consider. This Blackjack kind uses 2 decks, a pretty small number in comparison with the other card game types. And as all playing cards are used in the entertainment, you are to observe 104 cards in the shoe. Time to recall your math lessons and calculate some figures.

Number of Hands to Play

Have you already made up your mind according to your preferences? Well, European Blackjack is the one to offer you both single and multi hand alternatives. All you can do is to find a casino with both variants offered, so that you can try 2 options and decide which one is to bring you more winnings.

Split Features

You can use the ‘Split’ feature any time, just mind that this option is available only once. Besides, you are allowed to do so only in case you have 10-valued cards (Q and 10 are not available to split, while K and K are). Herewith, be ready to play 2 separate hands as the result of the move. Splitting two Aces, you may be dealt several playing cards to each Ace.


Whether it is for good or for bad, but European Blackjack rules do not include ‘Surrender’ option. Instead you can take advantage of other features. Look through the Microgaming collection of blackjack games and check them in real. That is how you will see if the option is so important for you.

Dealer’s 17s

As soon as the dealer’s hand consists of an Ace and other cards, which have a total of seven or 17, s/he is bound to hit on soft 17. Though, despite all the conditions, your desire to win can be stronger and nothing will stop you on the way to the victory.

Microgaming European Blackjack for Real Money Play

Double Down

To make the game even more adventurous, more winning ways become available. Using the feature, you double your essential bet and receive one card instead. Still, in this Blackjack type, you are permitted to use the option once your hand consists of 2 cards, which make either 9, 10 or 11 in total.

European Blackjack Odds to Get

Once you play and stake real cash, you stop thinking only about gaining fun and pleasure. Now your wealth becomes a part of your consideration, right? That is why, observe the possible winning chances and see what this game can lead you to. Time to become rich.

House Edge

Slow and sure. This is your motto for this game. Doing everything optimally and thinking of several steps in advance, you become liable to reduce the house edge of your pastime to 0.42%. Yeah, this figure is promising, and you should do your best to achieve this money-making goal.

Insurance Pays

Do your instinct and wit suggest that the Dealer may hit Blackjack in the end? Time to think about your safety and place an insurance wager, which costs a half of your initial bet. In case your calculations are true and the dealer wins, you will get a payout of 2:1 on your insurance side.

Blackjack Wins Payouts

Playing European Blackjack, you are to face a standard winning payout of 3:2. This is in case you were dealt out an unmatched hand of blackjack. Feel the taste of victory for once and you won’t be able to do anything but keep on playing the card game.