European Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

Feel the style of both dangerous and money-bringing pastime with the top blackjack games presented by Microgaming. The software keeps pleasing you with its collection of entertainments, including each time new and more interesting features to help you make the killing. Time to cover yourself with treasures and European Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold is to fulfill all your dreams.

European Blackjack Multi-Hand: Microgaming Gold Series Modifies

This type of 21 games belongs to one of the 4 classic European Blackjack variations. Taking into account general features, which you are to meet in other card amusements, this time, you also obtain several extra conditions. Everything is created in the way to take you closer to the moment of victory. Check the rules of the game, read several reviews, watch video surveys and have several deals playing for fun. That is how, you can gain experience rather quickly and feel confident when launching blackjack for real cash.

Expert Mode

You are serious, you are always in a hurry and nothing is worth your time. At that rate, Expert Mode is just created for you. The feature allows you to play numerous hands not even being in the middle of the game. You pick a strategy and set the pace of the gameplay, the rest is on the fortune. You can either observe the cards falling wherever they do or you can even skip the process. Feel the speed and adrenaline at once.

Auto Play

It is quite a common situation when a player places the same stake each time. Don’t you think it is better to fasten the steps to the action itself? Entering the Expert Mode, you can simply choose Auto Play option and skip the moment of placing bets. This is how your experience becomes speedy and you can concentrate on your following steps.

Play European Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold by Microgaming for Real

Quick Deal

Impatient players can’t stand expectation and once there is animation stealing their time, they are ready to do everything in order to make it stop. Activate the option and you will forget about long, unnecessary cartoon. Make a stake, hit a card and win the jackpot, all of these things are possible to complete in a few minutes.

Main Rules and Quick Tips

No matter what Blackjack variation you will choose in the end, but there is one essential rule, which connects all of them. You receive several cards and your aim is to produce so many of them to get the number closer to 21. Each card has its value and you can easily count your hand, though, be aware that the Dealer may be ahead of you. What is more, going over 21 will also lead you to failure. The happy medium is what you need.


Once you are going to win the game by counting the cards and trying to predict your fate, this entertainment is perfect for that. Unlike the other blackjack types, this one includes 2 decks. It means, you are going to relish the play with 104 cards. This amount is not so big in comparison with the other alternatives, which may produce 5 or even more decks.


Let us step aside from boring and classic things, such as single-hand games and relish more advantages in European style. Playing this blackjack kind created by Microgaming, you will be able to use 5 hands at the same time. Do you already feel the winning approaching to your casino balance and boosting it beyond recognition?

Additional Features

Hey, to make it even better, the entertainment offers you to try several more options. They are to go with your victory and simplify the gaming process. It is not a secret, that often the Dealer must stand on any 17s. Besides, you are permitted to use Double Down feature, in case your first 2 cards produce either 9, 10 or 11. Herewith, you are free to Split once per hand within the whole game. Find out more, experiencing the amusement on your own. Real-time pastime is to please you for sure.

Microgaming Presents European Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold

Game Payouts

Guess, it is time to speak about the final move. Each your step taken during the play, each bet placed and each card hit lead you to the winnings in the end. And each type of the victory has its own payout table, which influences on the cash prize. Let us check and see what you can obtain in any case.


Once you are so lucky to have a hand of 2 cards, which make 21 in sum, it is called a Blackjack win. That is usually a combination on an Ace with either 10, Jack, Queen or King (which count as 10). This time the payout makes 3:2 and you can open your pocket in order to fill it with a huge cash pack.

Standard Win

A standard winning box of the games is paid as 1:1. You use the strategy for your entertainment and watch it working out. Strike the wins and don’t forget to smile, cause the serious part of the amusement is over and now you can freely take a breath and go to have a drink.


You know that once you don’t want to continue the play, you may always activate Insurance option and obtain a half of your bet. Well, it is better than losing everything, huh? This time, you are to enjoy 2:1 payout presented to you. Feel safe and get your money, being careful is always estimated.

Good Blackjack Strategy – Big Wins

Play each hand perfectly and won’t even notice how fast the game will conquer to you. There are numerous features, such as Double Down, Insurance, Split and others, to help you out once something goes wrong. Trust to the gaming tips shown on the screen and you will do magic even without having much experience.