European Multi-Hand Blackjack by Microgaming

Don’t act heroically as Don Quixote, have the right outlook on the blackjack potential. Not for nothing the card game had been mentioned in the novel where the character was embogged in the bookish world, thus was out of touch with reality.

You’ll experience an overwhelming sense of relaxation only having got to know the Microgaming online casino environments first. Truly the European classic – multi-hand blackjack transcends the boundaries of time and style, remaining popular thus far. The written book appeared in 1605, but who knows how much time had lapsed since its invitation.

You will learn to play the 21 game from the finest master craftsmen, individually sculpted for real money gamblers. The entertainment by the software gives the strong chances that you clean up their gambling houses and set off for a journey with the withdrawn cash. Do you need a plan how to turn the story into fact? Read on!

Play Blackjack into Your Hands

“Multi-Hand” and European Blackjack – What Changes?

The market is proud to present the classic gameplay, packed up in the world-class design and extra features from the powerful company, developing from 1994, by the way. Since the early days, the European, there are French, Super Fun, Vegas Style, Spanish, American kinds, is staying the same plain, understandable and moneymaking twenty-one amusement for people.

Though, the prefix “multi-hand” surely means something, let alone the possibility to play with more hands (up to 5) 😉 For openers, the known “doubling down” option is possible on all worth hands in comparison with its forerunner only.

European Multi-Hand Blackjack: Rules and Tips to Mind

Doubling, splitting, standing or hitting – weigh your every decision in order not to gamble away, like hit on hard 11 or anything less. Always stand on hard 17 and soft 19.


Also, it would be easy to allow for all playing cards for the professional counters, the variant offers 2 decks. But the additional ones are possible, so the thing should be clarified on the house page with the game rules explanation ahead of using the real money betting.

Microgaming Casino or Nothing


In test after test, 17 is proven the best. Here is what the dealer thinks about it, he stands on the soft figure. You are highly recommended to stand on hard, but hit on the soft 17s.

Blackjack Wins

To win in the multi-hand entertainment is easier than you think. The dealers’ Blackjack beats any other 21. If you both have it, that is a “Push”. Also, you need is to arm yourself with the lowest house edge and tips from our review. But don’t battle against the wind, if you prefer to take a chance, you’d better launch another blackjack variation. Too bad, the Cervantes’ heroes from the “Rinconete y Cortadillo” stories hadn’t had them yet, they were likely to go great guns.

Split Features

Let’s go a little wild. You gotta try split feature for once 10-valued cards got if these are your first 2 ones. Having split never goes out of style, ha-ha, though restricted sometimes.

Double Down Details

Explore creative, fresh perspectives, provided by another specialty. It’s a magic “double down” option, you may increase your initial bet for up to 100% on all worth hands. Sometimes, the amount is lower than your stake, but, yep, that’s amazing and brings more profits anyway. You can’t have too much of a good thing 😉

Microgaming Multi Hand Blackjack Strategy

Odds and Payouts

The choice of competitors, experts around the world falls to the card game by Microgaming, famous for its wide and “gold” blackjack library for online players.

For each type, you will get a different payout percentage as well as other advantages or disadvantages to your or casino favor. Explore the practice mode where you can try out the betting strategies, decisions, variants before staking in the real sense. In fact, the odds and payouts are in full force and effect.

Winning Strategy to Choose

If you crave for online cash gratification and are fond of the 21, you are just in time for the party. Depending if you are a proficient or novice, there are the special win strategies invented. To start you may join the special table tournaments, or take no deposit bonus as a new gambler to get into the action.

But if you are not familiar with the cobwebs, various approaches, for everyone to enjoy – the works of Edward O. Thorp, Arnold Snyder and “The Blackjack Life” by Nathaniel Tilton, one of the latest literature on the topic. Go ahead and indulge!