European Single-Hand Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

We don’t understand those players, who think that Blackjack is just Blackjack and there is nothing to talk about. Once you think so, you are not acquainted with Microgaming card game creations and their varieties. There exist over 35 alternatives of 21 game and no one still can say which one is the leader. Don’t be so shy and start European Single-Hand Blackjack Gold right now even without having any experience. You can gain some in fun mode anytime, before launching the entertainment for real money.

Single Hand and Gold Series – What’s New to Try?

Oh, you will tell lies when saying that it is all about cards and it doesn’t matter what design or animation you will face. Joining Microgaming series of Blackjack, you obtain pleasure not only from your successful pastime and high balance, but also from bright image that is presented on the screen. Besides, when experiencing various types of the game, you are bound to notice some differences in the rules, features, possibilities, etc. Time to try this all on your own, huh?

European Blackjack Single-Hand General Rules

The only thing you can get from the title of the amusement is that it is a single-hand game. All the other rules you can find in the net, on the casino site, or right here with us. In case you have already tried several kinds of blackjack (or at least one of them), you may know the idea of the entertainment. And all the newbies should learn before going into details is that the aim is to reach 21 with your cards amount, not increasing the number. Make it faster than the Dealer and that will be your victory to enjoy.

Play European Single-Hand Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

Decks to Play With

Numerous players choose counting cards as their playing strategy. At that rate, the quantity plays a great role and you can’t leave this fact unattended. Relax, this kind of Microgaming blackjack is experienced with 2 decks and it means that you will have 104 cards in total. Start making plans and check your attention, you never know when the perfect moment will come and reward you with treasures.


And here you are to feel the difference between the blackjack variants. Unlike numerous other alternatives, playing European Single-Hand Blackjack Gold, you have a chance to split only for once. Besides, mind that when splitting Aces, you will obtain as many cards as you need in order to complete the hand. Though, due to the low number of decks, the feature is not often to appear.

Double Down Practices

Sure, you are totally free to double down your hand any time; yet, there are several requirements to make the feature happen. Check your cards, and once you have a pair that makes 9, 10 or 11 in total, everything is possible. That is when you can easily double the original stake and get a card instead. Why not to take advantage of such a profitable offer?


No one is afraid of anything, until the real money play starts. It is the time when each risky situation can influence on your balance. To make you feel more secure, the game offers you to activate the feature each time the Dealer produces an Ace. Stop the game and take a half of your bet in order to be on the safe side. Though, you know well that risk is usually rewarded, right?

Play European Single-Hand Blackjack Gold by Microgaming for Real Cash

17s – Who Stands?

Is there an Ace counted as 11? Then watch the Dealer standing on all 17s. Yeah, the blackjack type uses the regular conditions this time and you can easily forget about the opponent, cause the Dealer won’t even peek. Check the feature in the game and feel the benefits of your position, not all the terms will seem profitable, your goal is to find the best strategy for gaining advantages only.

Betting and Payout Rules

As soon as the game is loaded, there is no way back. The atmosphere of hazard and casino gambling is to cover you from top to toe. You start with a simple choice of coin values and once the decision is made, time to place a bet. Increase it as high as your courage lets you, because the payout depends on the stake directly. As all the preparations are completed and your hand beats the Dealer’s one, watch your win.

Blackjack Odds

High payout is the thing every player seeks for. Still, you shouldn’t forget that you are the one to create your future and the result comes with your bet, hand, etc. Experience 3:2 odds, collecting the regular set of cards and winning the game in several clicks. Check the conditions for yourself and make sure this amusement can lead you to richness.


Not everything goes in the way we want. But have you known that once you meet tie wins in the game, they will be counted to your benefit? Besides, learn more details about the entertainment and you will know that 10-value cards are not counted as equal in the game. That is why, time to rethink the strategy and come up with a new winning plan.