Microgaming Roulette Review

We are living in the era of wide-wide choice. That makes us be choosy. Slots, craps and roulette, there is no player who can imagine gambling house without any of these games mentioned. That is the very reason for this trio be a must-have for all modern online casinos. Talking about Microgaming ones, the demands can be even higher.

The same we can underline for roulette. This is, probably, one of the most famous and playable casino entertainments for today and not only. Considering the fact that payouts can reach up to 35 times your stake made, you won’t find it surprising absolutely, will you?

It’s also an ‘accelerator’ for appearance various kinds of the game. Now you can experience several types of roulette. Here we will reveal some tips, strategies and niceties about the game and its versions to pick up and make your play winning.

Roulette Gameplay

Roulette powered by MicrogamingLet’s start from clearing up what is the sense of the game. Roulette includes such key part as wheel and, certainly, table with numbers and colors to select from and bet on. Usually, you are offered to choose among 36 numbers plus the zero and it’s called like European style. But if we talk about American style then there you will also such an addition as 00.

Your aim is to predict the place where the ball will stop. Can you do that? Get ready for trying your luck at roulette? Then you should pay your attention to its variation at first. Just because the odds are quite different for each kind. Herewith, the strategies to practice differ as well. Don’t panic we are here to help you with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bets in Microgaming Roulette

Depending on the roulette variation chosen to play, you should better to point out several moments about betting. Yeah, if you wish to play like a pro you should know and be aware of them for sure. So that, 2 main bet kinds are available for you to make: Outside and Inside. Let’s observe all of them to make out the difference and save you from widespread mistakes.

Outside Bets

Outside bets – it’s all stakes the player makes out of the main table field on the betting layout. At first sight it’s quite easy. But not so fast. This category contains several bets types. Please, note that for the group neither 0 nor 00 is featured (it means that, making outside bets, in case one of the ‘zeroes’ wins – the player won’t be at the loss).

1 to 18 or 19 to 36

What those numbers in the heading mean? Everything as logical as possible. The matter is that you make bets on the outside area labeled as 1-18 and 19-36. This stake type is also known as ‘Low’ or ‘High’. Make the proper choice and if you are right grab your payoff that will be even money and paid 1:1.

Dozen Bets

There is another popular variation of Outside Bets and it consists of 3 groups, either of which contains 12 numbers on the layout. They are distinguished as:

  • 1st Dozen (features numbers from 1 to 12)
  • 2nd Dozen (includes numbers from 13 to 24)
  • 3rd Dozen (holds numbers from 25 to 36)

All you need to is to set a bet on any number you think to be winning. In case you make the right choice and number from the ‘dozens’ turns out profitable, thenั‚ะะถ Our congrats! Your payoff will be 2:1. Yeah!

Column Bets

Also you can try your good fortune with Column Bets. You will see 3 columns alongside 3 dozens on the layout. Each of which contains the box labeled with ‘2 to 1’ – it’s the place for you chips then. Payoff for this kind of bets will be the equal to bets for the dozens – 2:1.

Red or Black

Notice Red or Black boxes on the layout? Red? Black? What is your choice will be? Placing a bet on one of them, you can set a stake on either 18 red or 18 black numbers. In case your color wins, your payoff will be considered to be even money. And great news for that will be paid in ratio 1:1.

Even or Odd

Have you also found boxes marked as ‘Even’ and ‘Odd’? Choosing one of them, you will bet either on 18 even or 18 odd numbers. Please, here is very important info for you, if you are going to make such a bet. Pay attention that 0 isn’t an even number, that makes a win of 0 or doubled zero to be a loss for the player. Here the payoff is considered to be even money and player will get extra chip. Not bad? Yep.

Inside Bets

It’s very time to clear up the second type of stakes you can make. Herewith, if stakes are placed on numbers that are in the center part of the field, they will be counted as “Inside bets”. Single number? Or line between them? It’s where you are to choose, but it’s your chance to bet on up to 6 numbers at once. Sounds alluring as for me.

Single Number

It’s the easiest thing to do playing the casino game. When making a single bet, you just select the only number for you and risk your money. Huh, if you sure about it, then just place chips directly in the middle of the square. Good luck.


Can’t decide between 2 numbers? It’s okay and there is a great solution. Make Double or Split Bet. Stake on the line between these 2 adjacent numbers and bet on both of them at once. Cross your fingers and hope that one of them will be winning, because only then your payoff will be 17:1. Yahoooooo!


Crave for more? All you wish, for your money, of course. Then we offer you to stake on the 3 numbers at the same time. If all of them are on the single horizontal line, it is called Street. Here you are to bet your chip on the end of the outside line. In case one of the numbers of the row is turned to be winning, you will be paid by 11:1.

Double Street

More? Oh, you’re hungry as we see ๐Ÿ™‚ Then your way is to set a stake on 2 adjoining rows. Wow? Then it will turn your bet into Double Street. 6 numbers at once. In such a case your chances for a win are really great. All left is the ball to stop on any of these numbers…

Corner or Square

It’s too much for you? Then choose this kind of bet, where your stake will cover only 4 numbers at once. It’s easy. Choose your lucky ones in your mind and set the chip or chips on their intersection. The goal is very closeั‚ะะถ Only one guessed number separates you from the payoff of 8:1. It’s time to pray ๐Ÿ™‚


Eager to try Trio? Then be ready to choose European or French style, because it is available for single-zero layout. Ouch. But in such a case you have a unique opportunity to stake on the intersecting point that lays between numbers:

  • 0, 2, 3
  • 0, 1, 2

And that it is at the same time. Sorry, lovers of all American…

Popular Roulette Types

Microgaming american rouletteSaying A, we will say B… And it’s probably quite obvious that you are free to try your skills or just fortune by betting on European, American and French Roulette. Be calm, because all of these variations and even more are represented to your pleasure at any modern online casino that is running on the brilliant Microgaming software. But, please, pay attention that each kind has own advantages you can like them for. Thus, you can fall in love with all of them. Ha-ha!


This kind of roulette really has the highlight that individuates it form others. The matter is that it comes with double zero. Therefore, you get 38 pockets to bet on. The place of wheel and colors of chips are other things that contrast this variation from others.


Though European Roulette is featured with only one 0 and offers you 37 pockets, it still has how to impress you. And now we are talking about en prison rule. Yeah. And maybe the betting layout with wheel on the different places will flag that it’s not American Roulette ๐Ÿ™‚


Let’s observe one more kind. French Roulette is a variation of European Roulette. But still it’s quite easy to notice a difference between them. Not big, but you can see some difference on their table layout plus some outside areas that are named to the French analog.

Microgaming Roulette for Different Devices

Considering that technologies develop constantly, online casinos provide customers with the capability to play using various gadgets and devices. That’s why, select the way to gamble that suit you most of all.


It’s a common versions to choose. Here you can either download casino software to play roulette as well as use instant flash format. The second one means that you can log in just by visiting the site and in such a way to play through the browser without any downloads required.


Use your tablet running on Apple or Android platforms to set bets on the roulette. Besides, you can even install only the game application to ease the process of gambling like for iPad, for example.

Mobile Phones

iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Android smartphones can be easily turned into the casino for playing roulette on the go. Install the app or play via the mobile browser to relish your free time.

Best Roulette Bonuses

Due to the fact that roulette is quite popular game, lots of Microgaming casinos award their players with special promotions devoted to the entertainment. As a rule, it’s match bonuses that are given for your deposit. Are you a fan of roulette? Then check out the casinos with such offers to get the maximum of profits for doubled casino delight.

Tips and Strategy

Choosing a betting strategy for your gameplay, just make decision depending on the roulette type. Because of a huge difference that is between them. Some tips that are winning for European Roulette, won’t work for American. Play smart, gain more ๐Ÿ˜‰