Double Exposure Single-Hand Blackjack Gold by Microgaming

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The mobile platform for exploring any game you like. If you are a new user, you can start playing for free, finding the exclusive no deposits. But let’s don’t lose focus on them and pass on to the more interesting topic you come for.

First off, read about the brief definition of Double Exposure Single-Hand Blackjack Gold to make the variation of the “21-game” clear. Everything is in effect, you should beat the Microgaming casino dealer cards without overgetting the hand value of 21.

Nowadays, the classic kind differs much from its various sorts. Experience playing up to 5 hands at a time, but in single-hand one, only 1 deck is used. That gives better odds of winning, about the other benefits read on.

American Style: Main Rules for Double Exposure Gold

There are 2 main types of players who gamble to win real cash or for fun and it has nothing with the practice mode though. People who strive to increase the chances to succeed in this game are ready to sacrifice the hazard, lacking in the Double Exposure.

Gamble for Real in Double Exposure Blackjack

That’s all the fault of the dealt faced up cards of the stickman what allows to consider all blackjack strategies and ways of betting. Being carried away by the money? See other details explained to snatch a large sum.

Decks in Play

Here is only 1 deck in the game, that’s why the basic winning tips can be applied by newcomers too. We are going to disclose a couple of secrets concerning the following aspects: hole card and 17s matters.

Hole Card

For example, for taking the glimpse at the banker cards, you will pay in full, but about it in the next chapters. The wonderful opportunity to see with your own eyes the whole picture, because the hole cards are no longer a mystery for you.

Thus, the variation of the amusements attracts so many cash thrill-seekers. But is it really easier to allow for the possibilities or is it just a trick from Microgaming game developers? Let’s check it up.


The banker have the variants to hit or stand on the soft 17s as you know, right? It is in the rule of the Microgaming entertainment, according to the dealer actions you can use various approaches. More often than not, the houses provide users with the table, so-called player hard/soft total.

Make Bets to Win


Ace in the hole? Where did the phrase come from? Here we explain the meaning of the option “insurance” and find out even more about blackjack. What does the button mean? It is your stake on the odds of probability. You can click on it before the dealer checks the “hole card”, but as in double exposure, it is impossible, you can make use of it. At least you know what it is made for 😉

Double Down

Another variant, when you are proposed to place another wager alike to your initial bet. Before use it, you should read over the casino rules inside out. Double Down on the hand that has the cards’ value of 9, 10 or 11, and you may apply the option after splitting playing cards, but not after receiving the Blackjack, of course.

Split Features

All types of the entertainment include the so-called “split feature”, but the one it can be re-activated by up to 4 times when the Double Exposure Gold – 1. Fortunately, if you know it the inside down your chances for cashing on remain high.

Extra Rules to Mind

We will let you preview the other rules that can help you to collect more wins or escape the expenses. The modern, but affordable online betting has its restrictions and aspects to know. So, when making another stake, keep the information about tie wins, splitting effect and etc in your head.

Blackjack – Who Wins

If you are lucky to gain blackjack, you will be paid money. The time when the tied win is hit, it means either push or go to you.

Blackjack by Microgaming to Try

Ties – Dealer or Player?

The house edge is next higher and all ties would be counted as the casino dealer wins. That is the price of the extra privilege of knowing the banker cards.

After Splitting Effect

It is permitted to double after split. That would result into +0.32% on the return you expect to get. If it is not to your liking, you can try to play with multi-hands in the same amusement, reviewed on our site too.

Real Money Play Odds & Payouts

Drawing the conclusion from the facts, rules, specialties, we decide to examine the payback of Double Exposure Single Hand Blackjack Gold.


The blackjack pays 1:1 odds. That is unusual and differs the software type of the game above the rest. It begins by taking the first step, but read about another crucial thing below before putting cash on the virtual table.

House Edge

To re-create the fairness, you may find a bit higher house edge of 0.69% to the double exposure kind in the lobby of every casino. Understand the meaning of the figure? It can be explained in other words – you may get $199.862 back of every $200 you wager. Thinking about how lucky can you be?